Delivery Driver Car Magnets


Our Delivery Driver Car Magnets are a great signage solution for all delivery drivers. Ensure that people know you are a professional delivery driver to avoid hassle and tickets!

  • Choose the perfect magnet size for your vehicle
  • Durable and weather proof

Please note, we make our car magnets to order and can take 7-10 business days to deliver.

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Our Delivery Driver Car Magnets are the ideal signage solution for making an impact. Ensure that people know you are a professional delivery driver to avoid hassle and tickets!

  • Set of 2 magnets
  • Heavy duty 30 mil. thick
  • Printed with UV resistant inks

Get our Delivery Driver Car Magnets if you drive for: Amazon, Caviar, Doordash, Deliv, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, Seamless, Shipt, Uber Eats, Automotive, Courier, Dispensary, Distribution, Grocery, Local Delivery, Medical, Personal Shopper, Restaurants, Small Business, and more!

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Magnet Use, Care, and Disclaimer

Only apply to clean, magnetic metal alloy surface. Vehicle repairs, aftermarket painting, and/or graphics may cause magnet to not stick properly. Not recommended for hood or front of car. Do not put over seams, folds or molding.

Remove, clean magnet and area where magnet is applied weekly or after rain. Remove before washing car or going through car wash.

During hot weather, if your vehicle is left outside with magnets (1-2weeks), the magnets can bond (bake) to paint. During very cold weather, magnets can become brittle. If you are in an area with extreme hot or cold weather it is recommended that magnets be removed daily. Extended use can result in uneven vehicle paint. As the sun naturally wears down pigments in paint, the area covered by the magnet may look darker than the area around it. Magnets are printed with UV resistant inks that ensure 3-5 year use without fading.

There is no warranty expressed or implied against loss of magnet or damage to vehicle surfaces.

There is no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied against the user of this product receiving a ticket, fine, warning, towing of vehicle or any other action by law enforcement or any other enforcement agency. It is the user’s sole responsibility to obey any and all laws and regulations.

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