Make More Tips With Ride Share Signage: A Guide

Make More Tips With Ride Share Signage: A Guide

Ride share signage has become an important part of making money on Uber and Lyft. Driver signs help people recognize when their drivers are arriving. Some ride share signs like car magnets and mirror hangers are also removable. Signage is also very useful to help drivers mentally clock in and clock out.

Keep reading below to learn how ride share signs can help you get more tips!

Driver Signs Are Instantly Recognizable

When Uber and Lyft first started, users mostly had to guess when drivers were arriving to pick them up. Many couldn't distinguish their drivers from average cars and struggled to find their rideshare drivers. When drivers realized they could display signs that whey were an Uber or Lyft driver, things got easier.

Ride Share Signage Shows When You're On the Clock

There is also a mental benefit to displaying a ride share sign on your car — focus. Ride share signs can help tell your brain that when the sign is on, it's time to focus on working. It's a way to prevent a lack of motivation that can come from being a freelancer and essentially running your own business.

Ride Share Signs For Cars Aren't Permanent

When you have a way to tell yourself it's time to focus on work, you can more easily separate work and personal life. By utilizing non permanent car signs that you can remove, it lets you separate work from personal time. The end result is a healthier work-life balance while you still make money.

Car signs like car magnets and/or mirror hangers are great because they are so easy to put on and take off.

Make More Tips With the Right Signs

Customers really appreciate it. Drivers that display signs see more tips, since people appreciate being able to tell when they arrive.

Avoid Hassle and Tickets

Rideshare signage, not only makes drivers look professional to customers, but have the added benefit of helping drivers avoid tickets and hassles during pickup/drop-off and while on the road.

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