Sebastian and MaxHi! We’re Sebastian and Max and like many of you, we are small business owners and have done our share of driving to supplement the income.

We know what it’s like out there as a driver and why we started this business. As former rideshare and delivery drivers we dealt with everything that you do. From avoiding hassle and tickets to figuring out how to make the most money from each and every drive.

Initially, we created car signs for our vehicles to avoid tickets, hassle, and look professional. Then, we created bag seal stickers to encourage our customers to give us bigger tips and 5-star reviews. It made a big difference and made us realize that other drivers could surely benefit from them as well. 

Shortly thereafter we started selling them on Amazon, ebay, and Etsy. With moderate success selling on those venues, we felt that it was time to put it all together with our very own store. So we expanded with a few more products and Drivertags.com was officially born!

As mentioned earlier, we initially drove to supplement the income while we built our business. Not only was that for Drivertags, but also our creative business called Sebastian Branding & Marketing Solutions. Where we love helping folks brand and market their business or product for success. Whether it’s helping with developing a complete brand, marketing and advertising, a logo design, building a website, and anything in between. 

If you ever have a need for our creative services, be sure to visit www.Sebastian.Solutions for more info, work samples, and testimonials.

All the best and stay safe out there!

Sebastian and Max

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